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I've gotten all endings but Tristan's second bad ending - help a girl out? I feel like I've tried all combinations and if it follows the pattern of Theo's and Luca's, it should be an immediate bad end somewhere between meeting Mark and the kitty scene at the end.


Thanks for playing! There is an ending guide! posted on our main page, right before the love interest cards! Hopefully that helps out - let us know if you have issues accessing it


Such a fun jam game! I had a blast and loved the slice-of-life, modern day rom-com vibe of Under Maintenance. Very impressed with how polished it is. Loved the art, the comedic vibe, the sassiness of the protagonist, and the three love interests were great as well. 

Which character was your favorite? Why?

LUCA. I love a charming flirty boy in fiction, and Luca did not disappoint at all. He was self confident in a non-offputting way and I love how respectful he is - such a sweetie. He's also super sexy.   >.>  

Did you manage to make all the guys on the main screen regain their color?

Yessss. We play all routes unless a dude is horribly offputting, which none of these three lovelies were.

What's your favorite moment in the game?

*cough* I did like both scenes in Luca's route during their first "date."

Do you want a Mark route?

I don't want it - he's gross in a horribly irl way - but I would play it if it existed. :) I'm sure he has some repressed pain and trauma to "explain away" the azzhole.

Would you replay the game if it were fully voiced?

Heck yeah! Probably just Luca's route though. I loved his VA. <3

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Please tell me there is a walkthrough for this game that isn't a video walkthrough

Game is great so far but I really want to get all the CG's and best ending in one go ! please!

If there isn't one please someone make one ! I hate going threw routes more then twice to try and get the CG's because then I start to get bored and annoyed and I really love this game so far the characters are beautiful/handsome and story so far is great but like I said please give walkthrough !

Hey there! There is an ending guide posted on the page, right before the Love interests. Let us know if you have issues accessing it!


I loved this game! I'm glad I stumbled upon it! Also, A++ on the "Bork" reference!

1. Which character was your favorite? Why?

I thought it would be Tristan because I love the shy, blushing types, but it ended up being Theo. I really appreciated his focus on getting to know each other and taking things seriously.

2. Did you manage to make all the guys on the main screen regain their color?


3. What's your favorite moment in the game?

Anything with Mr. Steal Your Girl

4. Do you want a Mark route?

I didn't until after playing Theo's route. There's a lot of potential there with what he said about Theo and the MC and being a small town and stuff, so yes!

5. Would you replay the game if it were fully voiced?

I prefer non-voiced, so probably not. But that said, all the actors did amazing!


Which character was your favorite? Why?

Theo, definitely Theo. I however didn't like MC too much in his route. She was a bit pushy to jump into bed with him and some of the options made me uncomfortable and MC reaching for his belt a second time made me sad.

Did you manage to make all the guys on the main screen regain their color?

Yes I did.

What's your favorite moment in the game?

In Tristen's route where you are given a quest, I really liked it. It reminds me of my favorite match in MeChat the Roleplayer.

Do you want a Mark route?

I can live without it. He's a bit too rude for me.

Would you replay the game if it were fully voiced?

I think I am okay with the semi-voiced ones. I prefer to have no voice at all. even though the VA's did a good job.


Hey there. Thanks for your comment, we really appreciate the feedback.

Since we realized it's not conveying what we wanted to show, the scene in question (in Theo's chapter 1) has been adjusted.


Okay just replayed it and it is much better!

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Which character was your favorite? Why?

ohhh boy, i thought this was gonna be a hard one when i first saw them, but my fave was, by far, theo. i was feeling iffy about him because i had read all the comments calling his route forced and the mc pushy but i just... don't see it? she backed off as soon as she understood what his boundaries were and that he truly meant what he was saying, and i actually consider their relationship to be the most organic one? it's a sweet short game but from what i remember they actually had the most dates and actual conversations.

Did you manage to make all the guys on the main screen regain their color?

yesss and it was immensely satisfying

What's your favorite moment in the game?

meeting theo at a bar and him assuming you're depressed about your bedridden husband lmao

Do you want a Mark route?

kinda? luca seemed to imply he was going through it so i'm curious as to what his backstory really is

Would you replay the game if it were fully voiced?

maybe? i don't really care about this sort of things, but i'm not ruling it outt

this is such a cute game, keep on doing what you're doing cause you're obviously pros <333


hear me out..... I wanna date Mark lol

me too lol

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Really wish the Theo route wasn't so forced and the MC wasn't so pushy. She says he's overbearing but she's trying to rush things and not trying to get to know him at all. If she's only interested in a hookup why doesn't she say so?


Played this game a while ago but forgot to rate it. Hopefully I don't get anything wrong (⊙_⊙;)

1. Theo and Tristan. I honestly can not, for the life of me, choose between these two. They're routes were sooo cute! Luca's route was also great but the "teenage love" vibe didn't really float my boat. Plus, the MC just felt more mature in Theo and Tristan's route. Though in Theo's route, I hated that scene where the MC was trying to undo Theo's belt, Theo said no but MC didn't listen first time around. That was.... not great.

2. I did! It was super satisfying 

3. When in Tristan's route, they go to the MC's apartment the first time and Tristan asked to just cuddle. To me, that scene felt very intimate without involving sex, which I really liked

4. I hate this guy. Buuuut, if he gets a route in the future, then I will play it

5. YES

Thank you for this amazing game, I look forward to what you guys have stored for the future!


I like Theo but think the MC is pushy in a bad way. He holds her hand and tells her to slow down (she's trying to undo his belt) and her response is basically "no" and she tries again...

I'd dump her right there.

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Finally got around to playing this game!! 😊
Time to answer the questions! 👀

1. My favorite ended up being Theo! I actually thought he was going to be my least favorite because of his app profile but then it turned out it wasn't him who wrote it lmaooo xD I felt that the relationship he had with the MC was the most natural and cute and the fact that he wanted to take things slow was a breath of fresh air, I loved that <3

2. Yes, captain! I managed to get all the good endings! Woo! 🥳

3. I think my favorite moment was in Theo's route when he tells the MC that he doesn't do casual anymore, that he only really wants to sleep with the person he commits to. And it's my favorite moment not only because of this but also because, while the MC respects his boundaries, she also calls him out on how he should have communicated better cause there's no way people are going to know if he doesn't tell them first. It made so much sense when she said that communication without words takes yeaaaaars, how people should communicate with words. I loved this whole scene ❤️ 

4. Honestly? Hell yeah, bring it on xD I love romance routes that start with LIs being jerks and then they fall hopelessly in love.

5. Absolutely! That'd be amazing!!

Thank you so much for making this game, I had a lot of fun!! ✨


I'm in love with Theo 😍

not played yet,but 🐱🐈🐈‍⬛

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Which character was your favorite? Why?

Ok, this might be absurd but I already decided who is going to be forever my favorite character...Tristan!

I mean, he is what I always wanted in a guy and I don't understand how you could nail all the details and small things that I like to see.

He is tech-savvy, he has an old a** car, which reminded me of a Green Fiat panda (the old one) lmao, but most of all, him being a total geek and knows the technical names🥺 (it takes so little to make me fall in love).

Green is also one of my favorite colors and his eyes omg, and fluffy hair...double omg.

I won't share any further details...but I'll say only one more thing, the date...I cry.

Did you manage to make all the guys on the main screen regain their color?

Nope, not at all right now.

Only Tristan regained his color, and that being said I played the game at 1:00 am...And I had to go to sleep, so...

What's your favorite moment in the game?

The graveyard date, my inner goth self screamed.

Do you want a Mark route?


Would you replay the game if it were fully voiced?

Yep, but I also like it now.

Anyway, I should rename myself as:

1# Tristan fan

lmao ;3

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Which was your favourite? Why?

I had such a hard time choosing, but I would probably have to say, Theo. I loved his story and him playing the drums is honestly an attractive trait-- i mean whA? haha, but I loved the way MC and Theo met after the bar, haha props to that friend! I love how much Theo cares for his family, its honestly quite adorable.

Did you manage to make all the guys on the main screen regain their color?

I did! It was a fun time doing so too haha!

What's your favorite moment in the game?

Honestly, my favourite moment had to be at Theo's party when MC says “I wanna take a ride first” and Theo chokes on his drink! It was such a funny interaction and an adorable reaction from him!

Do you want a Mark route?

To be completely honest... I really do! I know that Mark is an absolute asshole but I feel like he could have some great development if MC spends more time with him. And tbh... I think Mark is super attractive 😳 So I would absolutely LOVE to see a Mark route!

Edit: I just played the little Mark scene that was mentioned in the game files... and oh my god I loved it! Even though it was short, it was honestly really cute and definitely increased my want for a Mark route!

Would you replay the game if it were fully voiced?

Absolutely! I loved the voice acting in this game, it honestly made the experience so much more enjoyable, so if it were to be fully voice acted, I would love to replay it!


100% one of my favourite dating sims! I loved each of the characters stories and the way MC and the boys helped each other in their own ways. If i had to critique anything... it would have to be to add more Mr Steal Your Girl interaction scenes!!!

Why can't we claim this? I don't have access to a pc now and buy the time i do, I'll likely have forgotten about this game


Which character was your favorite? Why?

it's a pretty hard choice, but i think i lean just enough towards theo to mark him as my favorite! i like the fact that he has his own life set: there's no need to "save" him, so to speak? he has a majority of his life together, and has a solid sense of independence! i liked that his route was about open and honest communication, even if it was difficult to bridge that gap sometimes.

Did you manage to make all the guys on the main screen regain their color?

i did!

What's your favorite moment in the game?

absolutely when tristan is doing his stand up routine and brought up the fact that ricky rodent stole his wife lmao i think i was straight up dying of laughter at that point

Do you want a Mark route?

lmaooooooooooooooooooo no, i think i'll pass. not to say that i don't think the writers could write a very compelling story for him! but he is just not my type, and i genuinely feel he has more important things to process before entering any sort of relationship :')

Would you replay the game if it were fully voiced?

probably not, only because i don't care much for voices! i just skip through the line since i read faster than the line plays.

Final notes:

in general, i really enjoyed this game! i loved how all of the writing felt very real, and the conflicts in each route was something that anyone could relate to. i also was a huge fan of the protagonist being able to stand as her own character: she was a good balance of understanding and kind, but also upfront when necessary. i love main protagonists that aren't submissive / pushovers! everything about this game was just *chef kisses* wonderful.

if i could request any additions for games going forward, i think the possibility of a gender neutral (or even choosing pronouns) for the protagonist would be amazing!


Which character was your favorite? Why?

For starters just the fact that I have a savior complex does makes Luca and Tristan great contenders. Character wise design, Theo hands down. I can see bit of myself in him but imo rather than as a love interest he gives off more of a wise older friend vibe, I guess? Luca is so dreamy man pretty sure I was smiling the whole time. In all honesty I have trust issues with this type of guy and it reflected on all my choice in his route but I ultimately warmed up overtime so imagine the way I just launched myself to space when I clicked future wife and the game immediately ended. Sent me so bad. Tristan on the other hand got me screaming I can fix him the entire time and to no one’s surprise got the worst ending that I had to pretend to be shocked that a virtual metaverse codependent relationship couldn’t work like whaaat. 

What's your favorite moment in the game?

Ermm taking Tristan back to our place in chapter 1 and tbh the picnic thing in graveyard was so wild lol. Theo’s good ending where we got our own office and stuff that’s really cool. And I just single one out for Luca I just enjoy our convos in general. Hit the spot where MC was said to be acting like a high school girl around him because like same.

Do you want a Mark route?

With a full sad redeeming backstory where we find out he’s not just being a plain asshole for hobby? Sign me up.

Otherwise looking forward for more from this team! Really love this one and the way it’s written. Some moments hit a sore spot mainly because it’s meant to be realistic and that’s a good thing!! Though I just meant to play this on my free time I could even say this  game is wayyy better than some paid games I’ve played honestly. Keep up the good work! 

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Which character was your favorite? Why?

I knew I would like Tristan, but I thought I'd like Theo the least. And somehow i like Luca the least. I really like all of them and there stories. But it's hard to choose between Tristan and Theo.

Did you manage to make all the guys on the main screen regain their color?

I sure did! I hated doing the bad endings tho. It broke my heart but I'm addicted to

What's your favorite moment in the game?

Umm...everytime I saw Mr. S.y.g. He so darn cute. Oh. Also when Theo would say dumb cheesy one liners or when Luca teases me (especially the whisper part... ~^//^~)

Do you want a Mark route?

No. No,no,nonono. ...But maybe.

Would you replay the game if it were fully voiced?

I don't care if I'm falling of my roof, I'm replaying this game if you ever drop a fully voice version.


Under Maintenance is a lovely game about a girl who somehow found real love when her 2D husbandos is away. What a move to 2D to 3D! I highly enjoyed the experience with all the handsome men and cute moments. Now, for the questions! I've answered in the video above but might as well answer it again.

1. Which character was your favorite? Why?
Theo was my favorite because of his looks and personality. I just really like long-haired guys and he feels comforting. Of course the others were very lovely too, but Theo takes the cake for me. Second on the list would be Mr. Steal your girl, what a cutie.

2. Did you manage to make all the guys on the main screen regain their color?
Yep yep. All the colors! Since I played all routes haha.

3. What's your favorite moment in the game?
It would be the moment of first kiss for Theo. Real shocking since I didn't expect that on an unexpected first date. Then the spicy scene with Luca is the next.

4. Do you want a Mark route?
Yes. I'm curious how it would be. I mean, the extra bad(?) ending for someone promoted that it's worth it.

5. Would you replay the game if it were fully voiced?
Yes, certainly. I enjoyed listening to the voices. More voices, even better!


I can relate to MC's friend, and the MC- 
the game is pretty cool! I liked the funny quips! :D 

  1. Which character was your favorite? Why?

    I liked all three of them actually! they seem like good bois >//<
    but if I were to pick one, it'd be mr. steal your-- i mean Luca 
    only reason why: hes on the same level of clingy as I am :')
  2. Did you manage to make all the guys on the main screen regain their color?

    yessir! :D 
  3. What's your favorite moment in the game?

    I didnt want to see the other bad endings- but the part where I didnt end up with tristan due to me not keeping the cat was pretty funny, and all the flirting and fluff stuff made me blush haha.. :)

  4. Do you want a Mark route?

    It would be interesting to try his route.. so maybe! :D 
  5. Would you replay the game if it were fully voiced?

    maybe? I'd probably come back to the game for fun someday, but I guess its up to you guys if you wanna full voice it! :)

The game was so fun! :D

  1. Which character was your favorite? Why? I loved Theo! I fell in love with him while playing his route. He's totally my type and he's the guy I laid my eyes on when I discovered this game hehe. (Luca was also incredibly charming.)
  2. Did you manage to make all the guys on the main screen regain their color? No, only Theo and Tristan. I had to use the guide for Luca because I messed up in Chapter 5 and got his worst end. I was so frustrated T-T
  3. What's your favorite moment in the game? The part in which Luca and the MC were in the park and she rambled about otome games. His CG. 
  4. Do you want a Mark route? No, not really (I would still play it though :P), I would rather have a fluffy cat route lol.
  5. Would you replay the game if it were fully voiced? Absolutely!
  1. Which character was your favorite? Why? Luca for sure! I'm a sucker for flirty guys.
  2. Did you manage to make all the guys on the main screen regain their color? Yesss
  3. What's your favorite moment in the game? Every moment with Luca?
  4. Do you want a Mark route? No. Not really. But I would probably play it anyway.
  5. Would you replay the game if it were fully voiced? Oh, I definitely would.

I really really like it. OK, I'm following Under Maintenance Studios now.
Good job u guys!!! 10/10 for me

  1. Which character was your favorite? Why? Definitely Theo, he's so genuine and sweet. I really like how as soon as we're like you need to communicate better he does!
  2. Did you manage to make all the guys on the main screen regain their color? I did!
  3. What's your favorite moment in the game? Getting Luca's bad end first was honestly kind of funny. Like my jaw dropped when he said we're not exclusive right? Like damn I did not forsee this..
  4. Do you want a Mark route? I don't know, he's obviously complex but then there's the glaring truth of him not knowing how to speak to women respectfully and the fact that he was picking up college aged girls in one of Luca's bad ends which make me feel off about him.
  5. Would you replay the game if it were fully voiced? It's a toss up! I love the voice acting but I read pretty fast so I tend to click through fully voiced games anyways.
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1. Which character was your favorite? Why?: Mark...but I think you meant of the actual 3 bachelors, hehe. Gosh, probably Theo? I just really liked that he felt like some average dude trying his best. His dad's story touched me, and I love his big family and how deeply he cares.

2. Did you manage to make all the guys on the main screen regain their color?: Yes! <3

3. What's your favorite moment in the game?: Okay so LOL, I really cracked up at the instant bad end option you get with Luca when you make the wife comment. Probably my favorite moment because it was so unexpected! 

4. Do you want a Mark route?: PLEASEEEEE. I took him home first and was so disappointed when I got a bad end! Like I can tell he's hurting inside and doesn't know how to deal with it, so he buries it under sarcasm and a rough exterior. He doesn't really seem to know what to do with the MC when she gives him attention, which I think is a really sweet (and sad) quality. I want more Mark! I NEED MORE MARK

5. Would you replay the game if it were fully voiced?: Yes!! I'll probably be replaying it anyway down the line as it is :,)

Thanks for playing and your comment! That Luca bad end is quite fun! 🤣 As for Mark, keep an eye out on this space - more Mark may be on the way. 😉

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I loveeeee it!!! All boys are endearing 💖 it actually felt realistic which is a very nice touch especially with the best friend and cat ^^

Tristan is so cute~ I loved the ending where we get to keep the cat :)) Both of them are so awkward and love how MC was patient too.

Luca and MC's interactions are the best, it was smooth flowing and how their lives became intertwined!! it felt like he was the true route.

While Theo's story really got me... i really love his family connection <3 something about it really makes me warm since probably I am the same as him. I really liked how they talk it through with the miscommunication and got together at the end. I loved the last part of it with the MC becaming his girlfriend and sending those emojis to imply the deed lmaooo.

I would also like for a Mark route probably... it feels like theres more to him than meets the eye. (and he was the first one to caught my eye when looking at the descriptions of characters ngl its the red hair and tan skin with the cocky vibe for me ><)

Thank you for making this!! <333 I will follow for more contents and VNs <333

Awww!!! Thank you very much for your kind words and thanks for playing! All 3 bachelors are quite charming, right? We're glad you enjoyed the best friend interactions too! 

Be on the lookout for more Mark! 😉


1.) Fav Character? Tristan. He was so cute and totally my type. I liked the interactions with him. Like there was conflict and fun moments that spiced it up.

2.) Regain Color? Yes

3.) Fav Moment - either making out/nsfw dialogue or Tristan's best ending which was so cute to read

4.) Mark Route? Yes yes yes yes yes (I think he could be a really interesting character if there were more time to get to know him)

5.) Fully Voiced? Yesssss

Thanks for playing! Tristan is quite a sweetie! And who knows... you might see a Mark route in the future ;)

I only played Luca's route so far, but I can say without doubt that the protagonist is one of the most fun and interesting protagonist I've ever seen. Really love their personality and I saw myself a lot in them :D

Concerning the route I played, I adored Luca. He is very sweet and I really like the depth you gave him. Super happy I got his good ending too ! 

Honestly I'm impressed by how good every dialogue are and I had a great time so thank you :)

Thank you for your kind words and playing! Luca is quite charming! We're glad that you thought MC was fun - we had fun writing her!


One of the authors informed me about their submission in the spring and I've been waiting to play it! The dialogue is very witty and the characters are well written and easy to relate to. I'm always so impressed by the talent showcased in game jams, and this one is no exception. Give it a try, you won't be disappointed!

Thank you for playing!!! Who was your favorite? 😉


Nerd boy is my fave. I have a thing for nerds and his personality is so sweet. Yeah, i played all three dudes and got their good endings. I don't have the heart to try to get any bad ones. My fave moments are the awkward ones since it makes things feel more organic. Also, any moment with the cat. If the Mark rout has a redemption arc in it i would be interested...i so want him to apologies to our boys. I dont care if a game is fully voiced or not.

Cat is the best boy, let's be real here. Thanks for playing!

Thanks for making an entertaining game.


Which character was your favorite? Why?

I really liked Tristan! I think he's just the closest to my type so that's the basis for it. He also just had a super endearing route. The touch of him adopting the kitty and the MC and him working on themselves together despite past relationships was enough to melt my heart. Also, for some reason, the detail of him having trouble with intimacy and the insistence on waiting and just cuddling instead was something I personally really appreciated. He seemed so enamored with the MC, which in my head is kind of a must-have with partners! Sweet dude, my god.

I also quite liked Theo and Luca's route, probably a little bit more Theo's than Luca's, but I think that once again was a type thing. The family connection to his story was very endearing. I was practically melted on the floor at the end when the MC announces that they're dating and he picks her up and swings her around. The only reason I think I didn't connect as much with Luca's story was because I typically don't like men who are highly sought after. (A weird personal thing I have).

All the routes though were so amazing. I already kinda wanna play Tristian's again hahah. They're short enough to be fresh and fun, not too long to make me want to move on with the story. Also not too short and just long enough to get immersed! I loved the realism in the stories. They seemed a lot more realistic to how real-life relationships begin and progress than most other dating sims. Tropes can be fun, but can get exhausting. I think that was one of my favorite parts about the game.

Did you manage to make all the guys on the main screen regain their color?

I did!!! I got Theo and Tristian's good ending on my first playthrough and it took me two tries for Luca.

What's your favorite moment in the game?

Honestly, meeting Tristian and the first night the MC spends with him back at her place where they just cuddle. I love his honesty, ability to set boundaries and the fluff the moment provides.

Do you want a Mark route?

Honestly, for me, I don't think so? I don't think I'm all that interested in him. I'm sure other players would really enjoy it though.

Would you replay the game if it were fully voiced?

For sure!

Thanks for playing and your lovely comment! They're all really great boys, and glad that you felt the story and pace was realistic!


Okay I'm still not done with this BUT. 

1. Which character was your favorite? Why?

I was pretty sure it was physically impossible for me to thirst for anyone as much as I was thirsting for Theo. And then I met Luca and fml. In my mind Theo was pretty direct - he was the "idk what you're playing at" guy but there was a surprising amount of miscommunication and what felt like rejection in a way...? 

(More on that below, but it hit a personal trigger basically.) 

This just goes to show how effed up society is that when a man says 'no' it's immediately about you doing something wrong and not because idk, he has boundaries and issues and a rich inner life that isn't led in the wake of his dick.  

Did you manage to make all the guys on the main screen regain their colour?

No, but that's because the level of second-hand embarrassment during my first interaction with Tristan was really high. It's kind of sad because my entire life is nerdy boys and I married... basically Tristan irl. 

My only issue is that I'd have to go through that scene again and my frail sense of self can't take that. First impressions count and his was... oof.

What's your favorite moment in the game?

Okay so you gotta understand I'm basically playing all the otome jam games ✨for research✨ and I play them with my husband sitting right next to me. And while the boys were great, I think the best part of it was right at the beginning when I was reading out the intro and my husband was sitting next to me just occasionally sniggering because it was funny and just both of us playing the game together. 

A lot of things just opened up a dialogue, about games we've played (I found out he played genshin impact for example) about how the server maintenance weird translation messages were so relatable. 

In the end, we just were talking about how the more minute details were so realistic. The whole call with HR was a really clever way of going about this, it set the tone of the story, it made us laugh. 

As for the boys. I mean, struggling with what you want to do, with chasing dreams you've put on the backburner, talking about boundaries and having rational, mature and empathetic conversations. There were so many moments throughout this where I felt like I'd lived this before in my own relationship - I think that's maybe why Theo's route hit me a bit wrong, because it was less fantasy and more reality if you know what I mean?

Do you want a Mark route?

On the one hand no. On the other hand no as well, really. Like he's a shit person and I want to be as far away from him as humanly possible.

But. There's a part of me that's curious to see what you'd do with him. I'm not an asshole apologist but some of my best friends are reformed assholes and all it took were a few serious conversations about boundaries and a lot of... idk. Empathy. Getting them to feel comfortable in their own skin so they weren't busy posturing all the time.  

Like I can see it being a good character arc, but at the same time the "I can fix him" mentality is really dangerous and I'm scared it'll do more harm than good. 

So far, you've done a lot of good though, so I trust you know best.

Would you replay the game if it were fully voiced?

Probably not. Or at least that wouldn't be the reason to come back to it. I can see myself coming back to it in the future but not specifically because of the voice acting.

Oh wow, that was a bigass review. 

Other than that I just wanted to thank you guys for being incredible on twitter. It's been an honour and a pleasure to jam with you. You've done something wonderful here and there isn't enough room or time to give proper feedback to all the things I loved about it.

OH. I may be wrong and it could happen in a route and I missed it but I want to adopt the kitty tho?!


Hey you.. you're awesome. Cause you basically almost made me cry. thank you so much for the review. It's been a pleasure to be a part of this jam with this team and I personally have loved meeting the other games dev involved. This is such a vibrant, creative and wonderful community, it's been an honor to be welcomed with big, open arms. I won't speak for the rest of the writers, but when I wrote Luca.. I did dump a big chunk of my personal history in him, those conversations you speak of.. DID happen. They were uncomfortable but necessary to have.  Often with otome games, I have found that it deals too hard in the fantasy side (perfect romance, perfect bed head post make out, perfect meet cute.. ) which is absolutely fine and it's a great piece of escapism. But it's also awesome to hear that people have resonated with these characters' very real shit that they have to deal with.  The highest praise for me is when someone tells me they feel seen by the character's journey and their conclusion. It's still cute and flirty, sexy and fun, but it's balanced with a strong sense of reality. 

I'm stoked to play impolite society soon as I can sit and reread Jane Austen novels til the cows come home. 

Thank you for being great <3

ps: about the kitty.. you gotta get through Tristan's route LOL

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We'd love it if you let us know in the comments:

1. Which character was your favorite? Why?

  • I went in this order: Tristan > Luca > Theo. 
  • My favorite character ended up being Luca <3 I really like his forwardness, and I loved how he was actually a pretty sweet and sensitive guy (like how he felt for Tristan in the Pear Store). I also like the fact that although we both pursued our own interests & were working on ourselves, we were doing it together hehe. I guess I felt most myself playing his route. 
  • As for Tristan, he reminds me of this friend I have who I see more like a brother & a bit of myself hahaha. he was relatable, but I guess not the type I'd romance. I still loved his ending thougghhh (I think it might even be my favorite ending. like that's the sweetest shit & such a dream goal). 
  • Theo's route took me a while to get into it, probably because at first  I was also not a fan of being set up personally hahaha. but his route was overall sweet <3

2. Did you manage to make all the guys on the main screen regain their color?

  • Yepp.

3. What's your favorite moment in the game?

  • I think I liked the moments where we get to interact a bit with family members of the love interest (I don't know why Luca's route with his mum stuck to me hehe)
  • Another specific one is when Theo suddenly used those 3 emojis to describe what he wanted to do after the party. I kid you not, I hollered and laughed because like what the hell that felt so unexpectedly bold.

4. Do you want a Mark route?

  • After all the stuff he blurted out in Theo's route? Yeah, I'd honestly like to know more about his character. 

5. Would you replay the game if it were fully voiced?

  • Hmm, if ya'll release a new route & at the same time bring in updates of the game being fully voiced, I thinkk I can see myself replaying it? The answer's more of a maybe for me, hahaha sorry for not giving a straight up reply because it really depends whether I have the time to or not.

Thank you for playing! We're so glad you enjoyed it! We really appreciate your comments and feedback as well 😄 


I am enjoying the game

Thank you for playing! 😊

I am enjoying the game! I have been able to get through Theo's story successfully and I am excited to see the other guys. The BFF text messages and the cat make the game very relatable. <3

We're glad to see that you are enjoying it! The BFF were a delight to write - and who DOESN'T love a floofy cat? Thank you for playing!

hey devs ! the game sounds fun , i installed it on my pc ( the windows version) and it wouldn't launch so i tried again with the the itch app and the same thing happened.

Hey Marozia! Sorry for the late response! If you haven't been able to get it to work, can you take screenshots of what is happening when you try to launch the game? We would like to see what the issue is! 

hey again ! so i'd try to launch it as you do and not even the tab would pop up instead it'd say that i last played it x seconds ago

Hello. We're trying to figure this issue out and have some further questions that would really help us with that:

- Have you had similar issue with any visual novels using Ren'Py engine before?

- If you're on a Windows System - what's your Windows Eidtion, OS build and Experience (available under Settings -> System -> About -> Windows specifications). If you're on *nix - what distribution?

- When you first run the game via the executable (UnderMaintenance.exe, not through launcher) it creates a file called log.txt in the game install directory. Is the file created for you, and if so - what are it's contents? There might also be a file called traceback.txt.

- Are you able to launch the game while holding down the "Shift" key and double clicking on the executable (without the overlay). That should launch it in options configuration mode.


-no i didn't have any past issues while playing other vn's using ren'py

-i use windows 7 pro 64 bits (it'd be pure betrayal if i updated) 

-no log file is created when i launch the game

- i tried doing that but unfortunetly didn't work

thanks for taking the time to answer <3

Oh. The most likely issue that comes to mind is something with Ren'Py 8.0 not playing well with older versions of Windows (I feel the sentiment, I also usually drag out upgrading to the last possible moment).

I recompiled the latest version of the game with the old Ren'Py 7.4 engine, could you tell us if this works?

  1. Which character was your favorite? Why?
    1. Theo has my whole heart honestly. I love the softie-who-looks-bad type, and his family connection is sweet, plus I have a soft spot for mechanics. 
  2. Did you manage to make all the guys on the main screen regain their color?
    1. Yup!
  3. What's your favorite moment in the game?
    1. I loved how there was a summary with the bestie at the end of each chapter. It was such a unique thing, but also felt very realistic. I would love to see that in more games! 
  4. Do you want a Mark route?
    1. Yeah, I have a weakness for redheads, and I have the toxic "I can fix them" mentality. 
  5. Would you replay the game if it were fully voiced?
    1. Probably not. I think there was an adequate amount of voice acting, and I am not a fan of replaying games without significant changes.

Thank you for your comment! We're glad that you enjoyed the game - Love LOVE that you commented about the bestie texts - we thought it would be an interesting addition in-between chapters. 

One of our writers (or maybe more) also have that "I can fix them" mentality - better in fiction than reality though, right? 😄 Thanks for playing!

Absolutely better in fiction lmao. Thank you for creating it! ❤️❤️❤️

  1. Which character was your favorite? Why?
    1. I've only played Luca so far. He was just too cute to tease in the game.
  2. Did you manage to make all the guys on the main screen regain their color?
    1. Not yet, I had my own Luca and Mark for a while, although I hadn't realized Mark wasn't a love interest until after I started playing the game.
  3. What's your favorite moment in the game?
    1. My favorite moment was when they first met up.
  4. Do you want a Mark route?
    1. I DO want a Mark route! I'm interested in his storyline. When I saw him in Luca's storyline I wanted to ditch Luca and go with him but I didn't.
  5. Would you replay the game if it were fully voiced?
    1. I don't mind if it's fully voiced. I'm okay with either. But I am a fast and impatient reader so sometimes I'm just left waiting for the next dialogue or just skipping through. I did enjoy the noises they make like the sighs. It helped immerse me in the game. I loved the voice of both Mark and Luca!

Okay, some personal comments, I enjoyed the storyline and how different choices led to different endings. All the characters were beautifully drawn. I loved how the in-game texting featured worked and that I was able to scroll back on the texts. It really felt real. Plus, the MC's personality kinda resembled mine in some ways so I was able to relate to the MC and her choices. I really enjoyed the game!

Thank you for playing! Also, thank you for your feedback! Luca is quite the charmer 😉

Definitely appreciate the feedback over the small noises as well! And so happy to hear your thoughts on MC - we wanted her to be relatable!

  1. Which character was your favorite? Tristan! I was surprised by how sweet he was. And the way he talked about games. 
  2. Did you manage to make all the guys on the main screen regain their color? Yes!
  3. What's your favorite moment in the game? Snuggling with Tristan. Or calling him a lowkey yandere.
  4. Do you want a Mark route? Yes! More of any routes.
  5. Would you replay the game if it were fully voiced? Also, yes.

Also, wouldn't mind an ending guide-- I keep getting the same (delightful) endings!

Thank you for playing and your comments! Tristan is a big sweetie! 

We also have an ending guide currently in the works - unfortunately, we were unable to have it complete for the jam, but we do plan on having it up eventually :D

That's super understandable. Jams are tough-- and I'm enjoying puzzling out different ends. Thank you for working on a guide. <3 

Y'all did such an amazing job :') I liked the mc's interactions with her best friend, gushing over the guys, talking about the game. Really curious about what the husbandos look like 

  1. I'm not sure if it's because his route was the last one I played but I really liked the way the romance was developed in Luca's route (his charisma, that voice ahh). But as a character, I'd have to go with Theo. He takes pride in his work, establishes boundaries, loves his family, is honest- I like how he found happiness in his choices (his route seemed the most realistic+satisfying)
  2. Yess!! I enjoyed getting their bad endings the most though.
  3. I have mixed feelings about this but probably the picnic at the graveyard scene. It was really funny seeing the mc and Tristan come to that realisation but seeing Tristan beat himself up later was sad :( aside from that, I enjoyed every scene with the cat in it (I wish adopting him was an option in all the routes)
  4. YES. He is so strange, I am really curious what his deal is. (TBH I thought there would be some connection between him and the cat, like a hidden side perhaps?)
  5. 100%! Luca's voice is heavenly haha (Oh also more of Theo when he scolds the MC haha + confident Tristan at the good end chapter)

Love love love all of this! Thank you for downloading! thank you for playing! thank you for taking the time to write to us! The graveyard scene is so good.. both funny and heartbreaking all at once. Luca and his charm really just flutters the heart, doesn’t it? And Theo.. sturdy and solid. A little something for everyone ;). 

Will pass along your comment to Luca’s VA and we’ll definitely let you know when we record a full version 🥹🥹🥹

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